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February 2nd, 2008

03:44 pm - Another fine lunch
After the dog walk yesterday, we had lunch at The Zeus Restaurant. It's years since I've eaten there and things have changed a lot. There's more dining room and the place is light and airy compared to the dark, pokey dive of 10 years ago. The one thing that hasn't changed is the excellent food.

The reason for choosing the Zeus was because it's in the same town as the 'Wool-n-Things' shop. MWNN is so pleased with his shawl, he's commissioned two more pieces

  • a throw for his computer chair with a pocket for a back support cushion.
  • a cotton yamulke, or a short beanie to cover his bald spot.

'Wool-n-Things' didn't have any yarn that he liked for the throw but they did have some neutral cotton for the hat.

Finally, today is [info]mary5958's birthday.

For [info]bendy1 - just because.

And for [info]gillo - , it really does help.

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January 26th, 2008

07:39 pm - Surprise lunch date
The Icknield Way runs very close to the border between Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. While walking the dog, this morning, that I remembered the last craft shop in the area that might supply me with different sizes of knitting needles and a row counter is in the village across the county border.

We arrived at the shop at 12.30. Being a locally run small independent trader, it was closed for lunch until 2pm, so we pointed the car at the nearest hostelry offering food. . Click through the picture for the fascinating history of the pub being run by the descendant of Robert Smith, who sold it to the local brewery in 1804.

The Chequers provided a huge lunch of steak and ale pudding for me and scampi and chips for MWNN. As we waited for the food, I read the history of the building from the beam above the double doors leading from the original bar into the 1930s 'adjacent building' that is now the restaurant. By the time I'd finished, our plates had arrived.

Neither of us could finish the large portion of chips served with the main course and, though I'd eyed the pudding menu eagerly, there was no room for either the apple pie or fruit crumble that was so tempting before lunch began. MWNN washed his meal down with a pint of Old Speckled Hen and I had grapefruit and tonic. We both needed a nap afterwards but there was shopping to be done; knitting supplies from the craft shop run by a Granny Weatherwax look-alike and milk, fruit and eggs from the Co-Op.

What should have been an hour's dog walk became a quite wonderful 3-hour outing and the 'nap' was much much longer than the usual 30 minutes.

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