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February 16th, 2008

05:46 pm - Today is Sunny Saturday
but very cold,

so I can haz tea and crumpets in the conservatory,

while the smell of lamb casserole in the slow cooker has been driving me to drool for the past 4 hours.

Two new books arrived from Amazon today; Georgette Heyer's Regency World, and The Foundling I ordered them after <lj user="gillo"'s visit when I learned that Georgette Heyer set some of her books in this and a neighbouring town.

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June 5th, 2007

02:50 pm
in a mo'.

After my haul the other day from the charity shop, I was keen to get more audio books on CD but appalled by the cost. Then I discovered that you can reserve stuff online from the local library, or even arrange for it to be delivered from another branch if it's not in stock.

I also ordered some flowers online for my Mum. Her elder sister died last week. The funeral's on Wednesday and there's no way I'll be fit enough to travel up, stay in a hotel, and eat 'foreign food', so I'll not be attending. MWNN offered to drive me up but cautioned against the trip.

He's driving me to the library instead - Guards Guards (abridged and read by Nigel Planer) awaits!
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