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January 19th, 2008

03:06 pm - It's raining again
so I have sent MWNN and Loony GSD out for their walk while The Daughter and I drink more tea and do some knitting.

Postie delivered a very shiny thing from [info]spikereader this morning. HUGE, HUGE HUGS. I can now set it on permanent loop on the laptop and stop hogging the TV screen watching the 'catch up' version.

[info]irishnoodles, I await your LJ update eagerly for news that you've password protected your area on the PC.

For anyone interested in the recipe for the hearty chicken casserole I cooked on Thursday, the recipe is under the cut )

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January 18th, 2008

06:43 pm - This and that
  • I've had some success with the family research today, thanks to MWNN taking a year's subscription with I found the coal-miner's daughter's ancestors who seem to be mainly stocking makers or silk glove makers. Some lovely first names have appeared among the boy children of that branch of the family who lived and worked in Belper until the coal miner's daughter went into service and married my great grandfather. There is Gervase, Jabez, Freeman, and Ellis. So unlike the Catholic side of the family with its Thomases, Williams, Michael's and Patricks.

  • I watched Torchwood 2:1 for the second time today and cheered loudly when an email from [info]spikereader informed me a hard copy is on its way via snail mail.

  • Speaking of reading and Spike, there are only a few more days to vote for the date of the next writerconuk event. It's not just for writers, as those who had a blast at last yeat's event can testify. So whether you're a writer, artist, beta, or reader, schlep over to vote for your preferred dates.

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January 17th, 2008

05:30 pm
The weather lived up to the stormy forecast today but we managed to walk between the squalls and avoided getting wet.

The remainder of the day has been spent on housework and preparing a hearty chicken casserole with crispy potatoes.

Oh - and last night, along with many folk on my FList, I enjoyed very much the first episode of

Torchwood Season 2

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January 16th, 2008

04:38 pm
despite dire warnings of savage storms from the Met Office. So MWNN, Loony GSD and I had a good long walk along

the Icknield Way.
Loony managed to get her toy and all four legs covered in mud by splashing through every rain-filled pothole along the way.

It was such a lovely day that I invited MWNN to take me out for lunch. We went to what was once called he Black Squirrel - the only pub in Letchworth before the town licensing laws were changed. It's now The Globe and served the most wonderful beer battered cod and chunky chips I've ever tasted.

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January 15th, 2008

03:18 pm
Thank you, jennylyle, the arrival of your mossie pressie is very timely as today is my Live Journal's 5th birthday. I blame soulvamp for inflicting the last 5 years babbling on my FList over there, because I created hesadevil in order to comment on that journal.

So tell me, how did I meet the rest of you lot?

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January 14th, 2008

12:20 pm - Yesterday
while watching' Lark Rise to Candleford' and' Sense and Sensibility ', I was reminded just how relaxing knitting and embroidery can be. I finished two squares of a new throw I've started.

more icons )


crafts )

All are shareable and may be used as bases.

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January 13th, 2008

11:15 am
One Word Digital Radio has ceased broadcasting. It was the only channel that scheduled only spoken word programmes.

I think I'll start some knitting while listening to At Home With Hinge and Bracket on BBC 7.

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January 12th, 2008

12:40 pm - Reasons to be cheerful

  • One - We have a nightingale in the garden. Last night he sang for me again.
  • Two - I booked a cottage in Scotland for a week in March so that MWNN can visit his ancestors.
  • Three - Spike JM returns to UK screens Meet Captain John Hart

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January 11th, 2008

06:51 pm - Today
was laundry/housework/shopping day.

I picked up my repeat prescription, some knitting wool and bought myself a sachet of Options sugar-free instant hot chocolate. I had some at Teatime and it was vile - way too sweet.

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January 10th, 2008

03:15 pm
  • Last night's theme at the local women's register group, was ' Stress Management. The session leader (the principal consultant of Reality Quest) gave a very useful and interesting two hour tutorial on the physiological effects of stress and how to minimise them. One of the techniques she demonstrated was Buteyko Breathing. As I was leaving, I mentioned that my GP had asked me to take part in a pilot scheme but that I was unable as we would be in France for part of its duration. Jen then offered me a free session which will include assessment of my lung capacity and a Buteyko Breathing exercise schedule.

  • This morning, along with many others on my Flist, I received an anonymous gift of hot chocolate. I really must try it again and see if I like it now that I'm all grown up.

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January 9th, 2008

04:08 pm - Tonight
is my first time at a meeting of the other local Women's National Register Group (I live equi-distant between the two). I've been told that members of this group are the 'intellectuals' who always win the local quiz nights. Tonight's theme is Stress and how to cope with it.

And now a Pimp

Anyone interested in attending this year's event organised by WriterConUK please vote in the poll. Last year's Midimeet was a huge success and everyone who attended said they enjoyed themselves very much.

Everyone else, please pimp on your LJ.

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January 8th, 2008

05:22 pm - This evening
will be my first time at a meeting of one of the local National Women's Register and I'm feeling quite nervous. The theme is Scams - I don't know whether that's how to avoid them or do them.

MWNN is hoping it's the latter.

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January 7th, 2008

04:29 pm - Today it lashed down with rain so
I made my winter warmer veggie soup for lunch, joined the National Women's Register

and made 4 icons )

All icons are shareable and text-less ones may be used as bases.

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January 6th, 2008

09:16 pm - Today I be mainly
reading Runemarks by Joanne Harris.

And taking down the decorations, cards and Omnisexual rogue time agents, souled vampires, muppet love, CDS SantaNav, badges, bookmarks, stickers, recipes, tree decorations, gift-tags, artwork, pictures, French postcards, and calendars and all the other wonderful gifts from my CDS friends, because today is the Epiphany.

cut for image )

The tree is now outside, awaiting planting. It has such a lovely scent, I'd like to see it put close to the scullery door, but, according to its label, it's going to grow quite tall in the next ten years.

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January 5th, 2008

09:19 pm - Tai Chi update
I completed the sword form before Christmas and began the sabre (Chinese broadsword) which I am enjoying very much.

This morning, postie delivered my Tai Chi fan.

Now to persuade my tutor to teach the class the fan form.

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January 4th, 2008

04:01 pm - A very early start
this morning meant that I did the shopping in a relatively quiet supermarket.

The butcher at Morrison's told me that they are discontinuing the sale of Australian beef.

But why? I asked, It tastes better than British beef.

It's matured longer, he replied.

And it's cheaper, I added.

But it doesn't sell as well, he finished.

Seems to me, British shoppers want their heads examining

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January 3rd, 2008

09:34 pm - The weatherman says snow
No sign of it yet this side of the Chilterns but the temperature has plumetted so I have made lamb casserole with dumplings.

I haven't lit the fire because MWNN has gawn to the British Library and the coal sacks are too heavy for me to manhandle.

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January 2nd, 2008

11:39 am - Today I be mainly
washing all the bed linen and reading Sepulchre by Kate Mosse. So far I agree with some of the negative reviews in that it is a disappointing sequel to Labyrinth

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January 1st, 2008

09:33 pm - Appreciating a few of my favourite things

a roaring fire,

coffee with violent creams, and the New Year's Day Concert 2008.

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October 23rd, 2007

12:47 pm - Haven't updated for a while
but I have been reading and oohing and aahing at all the icons, pictures, and shiny stuff.

I've had a rough couple of weeks, culminating in a bad scald to the left hand and boob while making coffee for MWNN's trip to Chichester on Sunday. The hand is not working properly but the pain is all gone thanks to keeping it in a bucket of water for the rest of the day and most of Sunday night. You try sleeping with your arm dangling over the edge of the bed - it's not easy and very soggy. It's taken an age to composed this entry and I apologise for any earlier comments or entries to which I haven't yet responded. I'm off to see if I can stand immersing myself in warm water yet as I so need a bath and hairwash.

I made some icons about how I was feeling last month. I don't think I'll be making any more for a while.

Solitude icons )


All are shareable and may be used as bases.

PS Can someone explain what the hell the writing team of Heroes is on?

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October 11th, 2007

09:59 pm - Another gloriously sunny autumn day

MWNN's new PC arrived bright and early and he spent the morning setting it up. After lunch, we took the dog for a walk. The birds have hardly touched the blackberries and there are lots still on the bushes; big and ripe and ready for picking. Despite the fact that I forgot to take a plastic bag in which to put the berries, I collected some and put them in paper handkerchiefs. By the time we got back to the car, my fingers were stained deep red and the tissues threaten to collapse under the weight of the fruit. I washed them carefully and there is a bowlful in the fridge ready to be added to my breakfast fruit salad.

It's getting close to the time when the clocks 'go back' and we go from the Harvest Moon of September to the Hunter's Moon of October. I love the names of the full moons and have made some icons )

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October 9th, 2007

05:12 pm - I have soup

This "Adolf Hitler, successor to Osama Bin Lenin" from a history professor friend of [info]fearsclave despairing over the new batch of students, reminded me of a quote I just read in The Wit and Wisdom of Discworld.

"Students eh? Love 'em or hate 'em, you're not allowed to hit 'em with a shovel." (Pratchett - Making Money)

My Tai Chi Sword tutor hasn't used the shovel method and classes are going really well, but they'd be even better if it weren't for the fact that the centre in which they take place is having 'improvements' done. As far as I can make out, these involve copious amounts of paint which triggers my asthma every session. The 'improvements' began during the summer holidays when the contractors built decking on which the new cafe will serve snacks in fine weather. They started work on the kitchen and toilets part of the cafe after term started and it's taking forever - hence the paint fumes.

Despite the wheezing, at the current rate of progress, I'll have finished the form by half-term. Then I move on to the Chinese broadsword (sabre) and I'm so looking forward to learning that little skip that makes me think 'Captain Jack' everytime I see it.

Today I'm mainly in bed, having steam inhalations at regular intervals, lots of hot tea, and watching 'House' on the laptop. Why did no-one tell me how fabulous this series is? Watching House break in his team in Season 1 is like being back at college and studying under the not disimilar regime of the woman who ran the music department.

There's tomato and mascarponi soup in the fridge with my name on it. Just what the doctor ordered.

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October 4th, 2007

05:05 pm - Week 4 - GSD update
It was the last of the weekly injections today and the very good news is that they can be repeated at one shot every 3 months should she need it. Seems the stuff doesn't always work and it's great to know that it does with Loony - what a difference from the dog who said she was on her way out 4 weeks ago. Also, the tramadol she's on is at the lowest dose and that can be increased if needed too.

Now all we need is a ramp for the back steps in the boat and she's all set.

::Eyes MWNN and hands him a hammer and a plank of wood::

We took Loony to the local pond again after the vet's but I wouldn't let her swim. We've had dry, if somewhat grey, weather for the last week and the water level was down to 'mud. Today was a gloriously sunny day and the forecast is for more to come, at least for the next few days. What a pity MWNN has a luncheon appointment next Monday, I'd really like to take a trip somewhere far far away to the boat.

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October 3rd, 2007

04:44 pm - I love the wonderweb
it's given me three days of birthday celebrations through time and space across the world with more birthday greetings waiting for me online when I woke up today, including an e-card from [info]gamiila

And postie defied rumours about more postal strikes when he delivered a lovely card from [info]lillianmorgan this morning.

A big thank you to everyone. ::Hugs my fellow travellers::

Here's a little present in return; some icons, all with a

watery theme )

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September 27th, 2007

09:50 pm - Updates
We took Loony GSD for a walk to the local spring-fed pond earlier in the week and she had a good long swim. When we turned up for today's consultation, the vet commented that she was looking much stronger. After the fourth injection, she's to stay on the extra pain medication and we have some 'leeway' for future flare-ups as she's not on the strongest dose yet. The vet is keen that we continue with the swimming as long as the weather isn't too cold. It was fairly bitter today with some N.Easterly-driven rain but Loony shrugs it off. At times like this it's me who stays at home while MWNN does dog-walking duty.

Memories are strange creatures. I have a vivid one of walking along Bennet Street, Ardwick, at the age of about 4, with my mother and suddenly night descended very rapidly. I was terrified because it certainly wasn't time for the sky to go black. My mother just kept walking, offering no explanation and I didn't ask her any questions. For years, I thought this must have been a dream or a false memory, and searching for information on solar eclipses resulted in nothing. But yesterday, as I was indulging in some diversionary tactics doing some research, I found this on the Beeb, with some reports from the UK of a partial solar eclipse so great that most people assumed it was total. This is one more snippet to add to the file for later use when writing up the family 'story' and setting it in context.

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September 14th, 2007

06:40 pm - More GSD news - and it's better than yesterday
cut for length )

Thank you to everyone who took the time to leave such positive comments. Keep everything crossed that things continue to improve.

And now, in anticipation of that beach-trip - iconses )

All are shareable and may be used as bases.

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September 13th, 2007

05:26 pm
First the good news

We had The Daughter staying with us last week while the plumbers were intstalling new facilities in the loft extension. She worked from the dining room table on two days while the Tube strike was on and her SO joined her last weekend to use our shower and watch some rugby. They went home on Sunday morning, having been promised that there was a working loo and hot water available in their own house.

On Monday morning this lovely autumnal arrangement arrived, complete with its own glass vase.
cut for large image )

Next the bad news.

Poor Loony GSD is suffering with a painful front paw. On Monday I booked her in for a check-up to see how the medication prescribed for the lick granuloma was working. That afternoon she started hobbling and refuses to put any weight on it. Her back legs are very arthritic so trying to get around on three legs causes her to semi-collapse. Yesterday was the day of the check-up. The vet is concerned that she's in so much pain and gave her an injection of a different pain killer to the Rimadyl she's on. When we got Loony home, she was very distressed and is refusing all treats offered to her. We go back to the vet's tomorrow morning and, if she's not improved, she's going to have her front paw x-rayed to see if she's fractured any bones. Neither the vet nor MWNN and I believe this is likely. If the double dose of pain killers doesn't work for this flare-up, I'm dreading what the next move might be.

It hurts to see her in so much pain and not be able to ease her suffering. She's the longest-lived of all our GDS's, all of whom we lost by the time they were 10 and a half.

After the X-rays
Send more good healing vibes.

Although there's no trace of bone cancer, and she's being treated for a flare-up of arthritis that is so severe the vet marvelled that she's able to walk let alone chase her toys, if the new medications don't ease the pain, we'll have to make the decision all pet owners dread. The new lady vet adores her and agrees with me that Loony really thinks she's a retriever, not a Shepherd.

Medication Instructions
  • Once a week injection (Thursday) for 4 weeks
  • 2 opium based pills a day
  • Continue with 1x100mg Rimadyl a day except on Thursdays.

    If she makes good progress during the next week, there will be a visit to the local hydrotherapy pool (my request)

    If she doesn't improve by the weekend, we have the option of opting for a course of accupuncture, or euthanasia.

    Most recent pic of the old girl, taken by The Daughter during her week with us.

    More pics taken last week by The Daughter. You can see her swollen left foot clearly in the ones in which she's lying on her side.
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    August 31st, 2007

    04:21 pm - I quite like this ~Haiku
    gacked from various people on my FList.

    Haiku2 for hesadevil
    we would be open
    on Sunday morning and I
    was keen to motor
    Created by Grahame

    it reminded me of something that surprised me on the Tai Chi Retreat, because I wasn't 'open on Sunday'.

    We'd been having trouble connecting the laptop to the wi-fi system, so I went to the Reception Office on Sunday morning and asked for help. The Receptionist called for the Duty Manager, Charles; an unassuming, small, very round man who looked as though he were in his forties and wearing a dark pin-striped three-piece suit and a pair of round spectacles. Not someone who, on first sight, inspired confidence that he could solve the problem.

    He watched the screen while I booted up the laptop, and said 'I recognise that' as my desktop picture of Season 6 Spike appeared. He then proceeded to tell me that he had all the BtVS and AtS DVDs, and did I know that JM would be appearing in Torchwood?

    Oh - and he solved the problem of the wi-fi connection; the technician who had installed the TV and DVD system in the Tower Room where we were meeting, had forgotten to switch on the wi-fi for that room, so we were 'seeing' other w-fi networks from two floors below that weren't giving us a strong signal.

    I say it often enough and I really should have practiced what I preach - 'never judge someone by their appearance'; easier to do online when we don't have the visual clues about a person's age, race, gender, ethnicity, and physical appearance, but much more difficult in RL.

    I still love to motor and I'm trying to be more 'open' - and not just on Sundays.

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    August 29th, 2007

    05:26 pm - We weren't the only group

    using All Saints Pastoral Centre for a weekend retreat. Members of the Knitting and Crochet Guild were there doing whatever it is they do. One woman brought her two daughters; the elder, a seven year old was participating in the course, while the younger, a baby of about 10 or 11 months played or slept. At lunchtimes, the baby was strapped into a chair behind mine and I listened to her experimenting with her voice. She babbled and sang, changing tone and volume effortlessly. An old lady who was sitting beside me commented that she was surprised the baby wasn't hoarse because she'd been vocalising all morning during their sessions in the Bourne room.

    I reflected on this during one of our Meditation sessions and, when our tutor started talking about intent leading to action, using the mind and body, someone asked which came first - brain or body. Glynn struggled for a metaphor to explain his point, so I told the story of the baby. There was intent - she was experimenting with her voice, but her actions were completely spontaneous; her breathing and control of her voice were totally natural and the brain didn't get in the way.

    As babies, much of what we do is spontaneous and relaxed. As we grow older, our thoughts act as a filter. Watching the others going through the Hand Form, I became aware of the conscious effort that some were making to get each posture absolutely correct and each transition smooth and flowing. The result was a less relaxed performance.

    Learning to relax should be as easy as

    childsplay ).

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    August 19th, 2007

    06:29 pm - Back to my roots
    The 1881 Census is free online so I've resumed my family history research and had some success with my paternal grandmother's side of the family - the Ryder family.

    Many years ago, my Aunt Alice let me copy some photos from the family album. Among them was this one.cut for detail and pics )

    Another thing I discovered, was that I've already made comprehensive notes of the Mooney family entries from all the available census records, and even some from parish registers. I'm now branching out to the other side of my father's family, and starting the research on my mother's family. I found out recently that her grandfather's family, far from being Prussian (Mum thought her mother's maiden name sounded Germanic) hail from Birmingham - or perhaps they are engineering workers from Prussia, via Birmingham?

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    August 17th, 2007

    07:19 pm - Just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
    People asking questions lost in confusion,
    Well I tell them there's no problem,
    Only solutions

    Problem 1 Loony GSD started chewing her back paw a lot while I was away, causing an enormous growth to appear very rapidly. MWNN and I were both secretly dreading taking her to the vet as she's reached the age our two previous shepherds were diagnosed with a form of cancer that saw them dead within a week. Cost - irreplaceable.
    Solution 1 The vet diagnosed 'lick granuloma', probably caused by the pain from her arthritis. We've upped her pain medication and she's started a 28day course of antibiotics. Cost £120

  • Problem 2 the camera needed replacement batteries and MWNN has a policy of never buying any unless they're on special offer.
    Solution 2 Now that the knee is healing, I was able to avail of the 'free' Itunes tracks with the special offer on Duracell Batteries packs I bought in the shopping expedition that led to the mishap. These Plus AA batteries were, just £6 for three packs, and each pack came with a code that was valid for one track on Itunes.

    I've just finished downloading some John Lennon tracks from the newly released 'Lennon Catalogue' and a David Bowie track I couldn't find anywhere else online.

    Problem 3 I'm hungry.
    Solution 3 I'm off for some afternoon tea and crumpets bought on that fateful shopping trip and leave you with some dance icons I made a few weeks ago. I'm not exactly dancing, but I'm back on my feet and working towards getting full mobility back for next week's Tai Chi retreat.

    Dancing - it's all we've ever done )

    Bonus dancers
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    August 16th, 2007

    10:09 pm - Book Reviews
    Still busily filling my shelf over at Shelfari and adding reviews of books )

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    July 30th, 2007

    06:26 pm
    was the day I had set aside for taking photos for [info]wild_photos The weather was changeable but bright enough. I started my photoshoot on the dog walk. Sometimes we drive the mile uphill to walk along the Icknield Way, a pre-Roman road that crosses the country from East to West. There's a small car park alongside what was once the site of a Roman Fort, looking down onto the town in the valley below.

    As we crossed the small copse that takes us from the car park to the Icknield way, MWNN pointed out a wildflower growing beneath the trees. Lords and Ladies are quite rare so I took a couple of shots of the plant which is now in fruit.
    cut for large image )

    As we climbed the crest of the hill to where the Icknield Way swept down through Cadwell Farm, a bank of thick cloud covered the sun, so I was unable to get the shots I wanted of the lavender fields. I may have to return tomorrow. Some of them were ok. This one, in particular shows the sweep of the land rolling down towards 'Sleepy Hollow'.

    cut for large image )

    At the end of the walk, I dropped MWNN and Loony GSD back home and continued to the village that lies between our house (via the scenic route) and the neighbouring town of Letchworth Garden City, for the remainder of my photoshoot.

    Now I must try to finish my ficlet for [info]writerconuk's banner grab challenge before Wednesday. I have writer's block and MWNN was really of little help with his suggestion of "send their luggage to Fairyland", as the bridging plot between the beginning and the end (both of which are already written).

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    July 24th, 2007

    10:44 pm
    Is anyone else having problems with LJ? I can't even get the status page to load. It could be that by deleting the cookies from my PC I've caused the problem myself but I got in here OK by logging in again.

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    July 20th, 2007

    01:07 pm
    Today, most of the England is under a blanket of cloud and suffering another day of a month's worth of rain in a few hours. I'm staying under the blanket on the bed in my study and feeling slightly relieved that I'm not well enough to travel through it to Cardiff and marginally less miffed about missing the great CDS get together.

    Yesterday, we went to Cambridge and resumed the sofa-hunt. The rain held off, though it was threateningly humid all day. I'd copied the map from the website which showed the route to The Beehive Centre from the southern approach. The first glitch occurred when we tried to turn right into Long Road - it was blocked by road works and the diversion took us closer into the city. We had minor delays along the Newmarket Road and dutifully turned right onto Coldham's Lane leading to the Beehive. When we entered Cherry Hinton, we knew something was wrong. We had tea in Sainsbury's cafe and were told we should have turned left into Coldham's Lane.

    An hour later than planned, we tried sofa after sofa in Furniture Village, Habitat, and Multiyork. Having been told by the salesman in Furniture Village that we couldn't have a leather sofa with removable seat cushions (oh really? I thought the customer could have what they wanted if they were willing to pay? Perhaps what he meant to say was 'we don't stock leather sofas with removable seat cushions?), we headed into the city centre to The SofaWorkshop.

    It took us ages to find parking and we arrived at the shop 15 minutes before closing time. MWNN was impressed by the salesman's flexible approach to our very specific requirements and decided the store was worth visiting again. But not tomorrow (i.e. today) because of the forecasted rainstorms.

    We tried The Footlights cafe for refreshments but, it being the in-between meals' time of 5.35, it was closed. So, after consuming the drinks I'd packed in a coolbag at one of the outside tables, we pointed the car home-wards. As we passed Midsummer Common, we couldn't resist parking and walking the bank to gongoozle the moored boats. There are more broadbeams than when we last moored there in 1999, and a collection of neglected narrowboats that may have suffered in the recent floods; there was evidence of mud above the waterline and,in some cases, up the windows. We talked to an American woman, living aboard a Dutch barge, who told us house prices were beyond the reach of many young couples and a boat was an affordable alternative. Despite paying Council Tax, there are no facilities provided other than a water point and rubbish collection; sewage disposal is becoming a problem as boat numbers increase.

    By now, it was approaching 7pm and the thought of dinner at a very late hour was making my stomach rumble. We found parking close to Browns and had a reasonable meal. It was only when the dessert menu arrived that we discovered we could have had the 'pre-Theatre' two-course menu for the price of our one-course meal.

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    July 14th, 2007

    07:23 pm
    Is anyone else having trouble accessing LJ at the moment? Even their status page is dated yesterday, which suggests I'm viewing a cached version of it.

    I don't have any problems with any other sites I have bookmarked.

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    06:21 pm
    Today is Bastille Day. We are usually in France, where it's difficult to find anyone under 90 who knows what they are celebrating on their National Day. But at least they do celebrate - with no apologies for their patriotic sentiments.

    My cold is hanging on. I feel the need for lots and lots of fruit and must cut out all milk as the cattarh has gone all sticky. Those of you who know me realise that caffeine-withdrawal will result in a grumpy Hesadevil - herbal tea just doesn't reach the parts that need reaching.

    [info]ruuger and [info]deborahw37's recent entries reminded me that my Flist is full of folk who are cat-owners owned by a cat.
    A few weeks ago I made some cat icons for my Flist and other cat-lovers.

    12 cat icons )

    All are shareable, textless ones may be used as bases.

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    July 3rd, 2007

    06:40 pm
    Well I didn't get back to my Flist yesterday, thanks to a power cut lasting a few hours. The whole town was out for no apparent reason. It's probably the unseasonal demand for heating, lighting and hot water that put too much strain on the system - or something. I know that I was beginning to think about searching for the candles because it was getting so dark, when the power came back on at about 5pm.

    Finally, MWNN is on his way home. He did a lot of interior 'maintenance' during the rainy spells and tells me - quote "that trailing 12 volt 'tail' in your (hesadevil's) cabin is no longer trailing" /end quote. Translation - The 12 volt wiring in the forward cabin included one dangling power point that has needed attaching to the bulkhead since we bought the boat in 1994. It's now attached. This means that when we have guests for dinner, I can set up the dining table and not worry about the socket falling into someone's wine glass when the duck tape holding it in place comes unglued in the heat.
    And we have a working automatic bilge pump, shore electrics that will power the heater and boil the fast kettle, a bath-cover that doesn't fall down anymore because its restraining bar is back in place. Heating, lighting, water, power - what more can a girl ask? The odd spot of sunshine for a cruise perhaps?

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    July 1st, 2007

    06:58 pm - The best things in life are free

    We were extremely lucky on the walk this morning again. The rain held off and only the strengthening wind made us head for the car as it pushed dark clouds across the sky. Loony GSD even got a little too hot after all the chasing of her toy I made her do.

    The fields are glorious at the moment. Stripes of pink, gold, orange, and green undulating and darkening in colour as the shadows raced across the rolling farmland. The best things in life are free to those who have eyes to see them, and hearts that are not filled with envy-fuelled hatred.

    And of those best things, freedom is probably head of the list; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice. I feel extremely lucky to have been born in a country where these freedoms are, in the main, still available to those who choose to live here.

    Freedom that allows me to enjoy
    a few of my favourite things )

    Boat update MWNN fitted the new automactic bilge pump between showers yesterday, only to find that the hose fitment is a different size to the one we have on board. So he had to unfit it and re-fit the old pump. It being Sunday today, there is no possibility of buying a replacement pump.

    But he did take the defunct 12volt TV back the the supermarket and ask for a refund - which wasn't forthcoming as he didn't have the guarantee with him. Nor can he find it on the boat. Of course, it's my fault he's lost it somewhere in the room he laughingly calls his study. I tackled it today. It took over two hours to tidy it so that I could begin cleaning and polishing. It's very difficult (not to say risky) cleaning someone else's study. If they can't find anything because the piles of 'filinghave been ... filed, it's all down to the person who did the cleaning.

    Having heard me say I'd set to doing a massive clean-attack on the house in prepartion of his Canadian friend's arrival on Friday, MWNN says he may well stay on the boat until Thurday to let me get on with it' in peace.

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    June 28th, 2007

    07:13 pm - So this wet weather is the result of climate change

    and it's centuries of human carbon output that's to blame?

    What's this - do I see Déjà Vu approaching? Almost 140 years and the English are still obsessed with the weather.

    From The Secret Diary of Sarah Thompson, 1860 - 1865
    Entries for June, 1860 )

    Or it could be the fault of the comet ... or the Government?

    But it's been nice weather for the ducks

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