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July 18th, 2008

[info]hesadevil06:12 pm - We're getting there
We're walking Ronnie with the neighbours' Chihuahua, Bobby, in the hope that Bobby will overcome his fear of other dogs. He's much more relaxed on the Common now, and will walk at my heel, providing Ronnie is a few yards ahead. He also gets quite excited when Ron does the 'wall of death' running in circles at the end of his expanding lead. Bobby has recognised that this might be a fun game and has started to run along at the end of his shorter lead, though he still makes a dash for the shelter of MWNN's legs if Ron tries to play chase.

Bobby is quite large for a Chihuahua - he's almost the same size as Ron. Ronnie is quite the star when walking with Bobby and seems to know that he's to wait until Bobby makes the first move towards interaction.

I took some pictures yesterday, on the Common and in the car at the supermarket. Bobby travels First Class on my lap, while Ron rides steerage in the crate in the rear.

Bobby 3

Bobby 2

Bobby 4

Bobby 1

Bobby 5

Untitled 30

ETA Took more pictures today, including this one of S, Ronnie and Bobby.
Untitled 4

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