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July 9th, 2008

[info]hesadevil04:08 pm - Terrier week of bed-rest update.
The week is almost up and the limp is nowhere to be seen. Whether that's due to the medication or the rest, we shall see when the pills run out.

We didn't have to use the crate much during the day at all. Thank goodness it's been very wet for the past few days and Ron hates the rain. MWNN taught him a new game of 'find the toy' (incorporating a 'stay' in another room while the toy is hidden) which kept him very occupied without any bouncing off the walls. He's proven himself to be a potential recruit for the on-board in-flight sniffer dogs' team.

Here's a few photos of him not wanting to go out and play in the garden, the rain being torrential all day today.

Ronnie July 9th

8th July 2008 Ronnie

Ronnie 9 months

Meanwhile, I've been doing a lot of knitting and have finished a new cushion cover, using less than one skein of Homespun. The colour, Ranch, has a lot more brown and less gold than on the Lion Brand Website, so I'm pleased that there was only one skein in stock.

buttoned cushion cover

buttoned cushion cover

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