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March 14th, 2008

[info]hesadevil11:11 am - Match it for Pratchett
On[info]gillo's LJ, I came across details of a fandom campaign to match Terry's donation of a million dollars with contributions from his fans.

"It's not much, but if we all give a couple of quid or a few dollars, it could start to make a difference. High end brain chemistry research is not cheap. If you've ever laughed out loud at Rincewind or adored Granny Weatherwax, how about chipping in? Say, the cost of a Discworld paperback.

It's not very official yet, though I rather think it's going to gather momentum. At present you have to go to the Alzheimer's Research Trust website and click on the Donate button. Once you have put in all the details, there's a box in which you can add a comment - perhaps that it's in honour of Terry from a fan.

Gill made a button to link to the site. Feel free to snaffle it, adjust it, make your own version. No credit needed - but please, if you can manage even a pound or a dollar, think about giving?

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