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February 21st, 2008

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01:55 pm - Pretty, pretty things come in threes
Last night, I woke twice needing the loo. The first time was about 3am. I checked the sky and, despite the cloud, the beginning of the lunar eclipse was clearly visible. Over an hour later, I got up again and checked the sky. There was total cloud cover and I went to the loo thinking my first glimpse was the only one I'd get. On my way back to bed, the clouds parted revealing the final phase of the eclipse. Pretty, hazy moon but no stars.

This morning I went over to a pretty village called Walkern for a Knit and Chat at Jolie's. I spent way too much on new yarn, including

This mixed fibre (including silk and linen) in glorious gold shades and

this one, a polyamide and mohair mix.

Both are for gossamer lacy shawls.

On my return, I checked the Shadows and Dust Fanfic Awards where round 15 winners have just been posted.

Congratulations to



and me, for Twelve Days with fellow partners-in- crime writing, [info]bogwitch and [info]calove

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