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January 30th, 2008

[info]hesadevil08:18 pm - Another lunch date
This time with the women's group at The Place.

I mentioned that I was going to reccie the knitting group in the next town and was informed that a knitting supplies shop - Wool-n-Things had opened at the same time the group had been formed. On the way back from the knitting group's meeting place, I dropped in to the shop and bought some extremely cheap (and quite loverly) yarn for the next project I'm knitting while watching tonight's episode of Torchwood and the first episode of Ashes to Ashes.

For knitters on my Flist in the US or Canada - a plea. Would anyone be willing to look into the possibility of getting me some Lion Brand Homespun (shade - Meadow - tweed) yarn? The UK supplier I used for MWNN's yarn has run out of Meadow and won't be ordering until March. I tried to order myself some from Lion Brand's website, but they don't seem to deliver outside America. I could send however much it would cost to post 4 skeins to me through paypal.

MWNN's shawl is finished - photos to follow.

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