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January 24th, 2008

[info]hesadevil04:05 pm - Let your Google do the walking.
or why I love the Interweb

I found a lovely easy pattern for a shawl in a wonderful yarn that I was sure I'd not be able to source in the UK. So I googled for knitting supplies and found a Knit Together Group in the nearby town of Baldock. They meet every couple of weeks in the Community centre. Their webpage has a link to the UK supplier of the yarn I need. What's more, they're in the same county and are already shipping 4 skeins of Homespun
Barrington to me. No way would I have found it in any of the local shops (most of which no longer sell knitting yarn) or through the Yellow Pages.

Now to find the time to finish the throw I'm knitting and start the shawl.

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